Web Design & Development

At every stage of the web development process, we offer a range of resources to support our clients. This starts with gathering data and understanding their business goals and strategy. We then analyze their needs and work with them to conceptualize a solution that meets their needs. Throughout the managed development process, we offer support and guidance, culminating in final deployment. We also provide ongoing management of changes and evolution to ensure that the solution remains relevant and effective.

Management System

Our management system is designed to streamline and optimize business processes for increased efficiency and productivity. With a user-friendly interface and customizable features, our system allows for easy organization and tracking of tasks, projects, and resources. Our system is also equipped with robust reporting and analytics capabilities, providing valuable insights and data to help drive business decision-making. Overall, our management system is a powerful tool for businesses looking to improve their operations and achieve success.

Accounting System

An accounting software system is designed to handle the daily financial transactions of a business, including the management and recording of fixed assets, expenses, revenue, accounts receivable, accounts payable, subledger accounting, and the generation of reports and analytics. It provides an efficient way to keep track of financial information and make informed business decisions.

Education System

The education system includes everything essential that goes into educating students at the public level. This system is taken into account for students and learners.

Clinic System

A patient management system is a tool that helps clinicians streamline the scheduling, tracking, and costing of patients. It allows them to easily keep track of incoming visitors and helps them manage their workflow more efficiently.

Station Management System

Determining fuel prices, managing staff, and the station's accounting system.


Cedars Software Solutions is a cutting-edge software company dedicated to providing innovative solutions for a variety of industries. Our team of experienced developers and designers work tirelessly to create user-friendly software that meets the needs of our clients. From custom applications to cloud-based platforms, we have the expertise and resources to develop software that streamlines business processes and improves efficiency. We pride ourselves on our dedication to customer satisfaction and are always looking for new ways to help our clients succeed. Whether you’re a small business owner or a large corporation, Cedars Software Solutions has the tools and resources to help you reach your goals.

                                Services for individuals:

  • Client interview
  • Gather consumer data
  • Create content strategy
  • Analyze research
  • Build wireframe
  • Gather client feedback
  • Code development
  • Marketing review
  • Deploy the software
  • Market product launch
  • Collect UX data
  • Quarterly maintenence

All-in-one web app for managing your business



No site stands independent of code. We do the dirty backend work and give you a finished site or App that will function without a flitch.



Let nobody tell you aesthetics doesn't matter because it is the real deal! While 100% of a technology product is code, we argue that 100% is again design.



You can trust we will pick your mind and create concepts that will create the next big online platforms in the world.



While most techies are plain and blunt, we add a tone of love and fun to our work. Rest assured we will be giving the job a heart of love.

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Master in computer science - Lebanese university.

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Web Developer

License in computer communication network engineering.

Laudi Makki

Web Developer

License in Business Computing.

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